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Effective June 1st, reservations meeting certain criteria will be processed automatically, eliminating the need to sign and deliver a reservation request form to book space. To do this, anyone booking space will need a CEMS user account.

*If you belong to a Registered Student Organization or Campus Interest Group you will need to be one of the designated signers for your organization. For more information, please contact the Center for Student Involvement at

If you are an event coordinator for a campus department, you will need to create a CEMS user account:

  1. Enter your supervisor's information and their approval will be required to register your account. An email with a link will be sent to your supervisor and billing account manager.
  2. Provide a default DaFIS account number for charges incurred. You will be able to change this account number at any time, or use different account numbers for different reservations, but you must provide one when you sign up for an account.

A second approval email with a link to our site will be sent to the DAFIS account manager requesting approval. Pending all approvals are received, you will be able to access the reservation request form.

Currently, events meeting the following criteria can be processed automatically and will not require a reservation request form to be signed and brought in to our office:

  • Reservations in general assignment (classroom) space.
  • Reservations not on holidays, campus closure days, or during finals.
  • Your event does not require any additional approval (e.g. alcohol or food service, one day sales licenses, security, etc).

Any reservations that require special approval or do not meet the requirements listed above will not be automatically processed.

Reservations created by campus departments in the locations listed below will be submitted for approval to a facility manager(s). The event sponsor will be notified within 2 business days if the event was approved or denied:

  • Alumni Center
  • ARC Conference Center
  • Freeborn
  • Gunrock Pub
  • Putah Creek Lodge
  • Quad

All other events will require that you follow these steps:

  • Create a reservation request form
  • Print, sign, and fax or hand-deliver to Conference and Event Services for the reservation to be processed.
  • Students sponsored events not meeting the criteria above will continue to be processed at the front desk.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Conference and Event Services at