Campus Interest Groups

Instructions on how to become a Campus Interest Group

What is a Campus Interest Group?

A campus interest group is registered with Conference and Event Services to establish the organization's eligibility for occasional use of campus facilities. CES will register organizations:

  • Whose members are associated with the university through employment, alumni or student status, or a spouse of a student; and
  • That have organized to provide service, charitable, social, cultural, recreational, or educational activities (exclusive of commercial activities) not in conflict with those of the university.  Refer to section 270-08 of the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual - Campus Interest Groups.

How to Register

  1. Create DaFIS account* via CES or through Accounting Services on campus
  2. Complete the Campus Interest Group Application,** which can be found here.
  3. A non-refundable application fee of $210 for registration is required when your application is submitted. Please make check payable to the Regents of the University of California.
  4. If the application is approved, a copy of your application will be sent to you.***
  • *A valid DaFIS account is required to make reservations online
  • **All application information is required, including a minimum of 10 active members.
  • ***Please allow 5 business days to process your Application

Period of Registration

  • Campus interest groups are registered on a July 1 to June 30 basis.
  • The annual registration process begins in May.

Further Information

For more information, refer to the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 270-08, or contact Conference and Event Services at