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Please refer to the Conference and Event Services Cancellation Policy for more information.

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Please note that more than two time changes will incur a coordination fee which will be billed in 15 minute increments at our hourly rate of $105.

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This is considered a cancellation. We will cancel the room and you will be required to re-reserve the new room you are requesting.

This is considered a cancellation. We will cancel the room and manually enter the new room/date which will incur a coordination fee.

Request to change the billing account number for reservation fees. This will incur a $26.25 coordination fee. Account numbers can always be manually adjusted by the account manager prior to being billed. . The account manager will recieve instructions on how to adjust the account number though email.

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Please note: Requests will be processed by the next business day during regular business hours.
If you do not receive an e-mail reply of this request within two business days, please follow-up directly as the original request may have not been received.