The 2018 International Research Conference at UC Davis, hosted by Global Affairs, combines plenary sessions, small breakout sessions, "TED-style" talks, poster presentations by graduate students, discussions with funding agencies, industry, and community organizations, and opportunities for networking across disciplines and borders.


Who Should Attend


This conference will bring together leading international research professionals from across industries, including:

  • Higher Education 
    • Senior International Officers
    • Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors for Research 
    • Faculty, Researchers and Scientists
    • Graduate Students
  • Private and Public Funding Agencies
  • Industry and Community Organizations


Conference Focus


The 2018 International Research Conference at UC Davis will focus on:

  • Changing political environment and its impact on international research 
  • Increasing importance of networks and consortia in advancing international research
  • Role of interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research in solving global challenges
  • Educating the next generation of international researchers


Conference Outcomes

Major outcomes of the 2018 International Research Conference at UC Davis will be both the recognition of and the practical knowledge of how to:

  • absorb the new political and financial realities shaping the international research agenda;
  • develop and sustain networks, consortia, and other forms of collaborative mechanisms to conduct international research;
  • engage in inclusive and interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approaches;
  • educate the next generation of scientists conducting international research; and
  • increase collaboration across organizations and partners.


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