Becoming an Approved Caterer


The Catering Policy on the UCD campus has been revised. You are permitted to use an approved registered caterer on campus except at the Silo Union, Gunrock Pub, and the Med Sci (Scrubs) Cafe. University Catering by Sodexo is the exclusive caterer of these facilities.

University Catering by Sodexo is the campus caterer. To arrange catering service or a consultation with University Catering, please call (530)752-2997, or fax (530)752-4755.


Approved Off-Campus Registered Caterers:

Click Here for a list of current approved registered caterers who are eligible to provide service in the approved facilities in accordance with regulations for Off-Campus Caterers.

Please note that this list of approved registered caterers indicates those businesses that have met the minimum requirements to cater on campus. This does not suggest endorsement or recommendation by the Conference and Event Services office and/or the University of California, Davis.


To Become and Approved Caterer:

Please follow the instructions here:

* All caterers must be able to provide zero waste services.


 If you have questions or would like to use a caterer not listed below, please contact the Conference and Event Services Office at

Sample Listings