Tips for Attending Ticketed Events

It is always cheapest to buy tickets at the venue Ticket Office window.  For most events, you only pay the face value of the ticket when purchasing tickets at our window. 

There is a $5 processing fee when calling (530) 752-1915 to order tickets.  This is a per order fee (not per ticket.)  We also do not mail out General Admission tickets purchased on the phone.  You must pick those up at Will Call.  We will mail out any Reserved tickets you purchase, as long as it is more than a week before the event.  We DO NOT reprint lost General Admission tickets- do not lose them!

For events that offer a UC Davis student or regular student discount, you must have your valid student ID in order to get the discount.  In some cases, we will allow you to bring another friend's student ID and purchase two tickets at the student discount.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to purchase any more than two discounted at a time. 

When picking up tickets at Will Call, have your ID ready.  We only check your picture ID and it makes the line move more quickly when you have your ID prepared. 

If you purchased tickets, but you want someone else to pick up the tickets at Will Call, make a photocopy of your ID and credit card on a sheet of paper, then write a note authorizing the other person to pick up the tickets.  The other person will also need their ID. 

ALWAYS show up early to events.  We try our best to keep lines for Will Call and Ticket Sales moving quickly, but there are times where the wait in line can take awhile.  Give yourself enough time to pick up your tickets and get into the event on time.  You can also pick up tickets for our events ahead of time M-F 10am-5pm at the Ticket Office at Freeborn Hall.

If you purchase tickets online at, please print out your confirmation sheet.  If there is ever any problem finding your tickets, the confirmation number on that sheet helps us find the tickets. 

If you are picking up Complimentary Tickets for an Aggie Athletic contest, please make sure everyone in your party over the age of 16 has a picture ID.   Each person must individually sign for their own ticket.  Be ready to get your hand stamped to gain entry and the stubbed ticket you will receive will get you to your seat. 

Cameras and recording devices are almost never allowed into concerts.  You can double check with us if you are unsure about a particular event. 

Secondary Markets – It is very important to note that when you purchase tickets through eBay, Craig’s List, StubHub, or any other secondary market, that you are purchasing those tickets at your own risk.  We will not replace fraudulent tickets.  For those of you who do not realize the risk, please consider this story:

One of our students bought tickets on Craig’s List for a Sacramento Kings game.  He picked up the physical tickets with barcodes and a parking pass.  Upon arriving, the parking pass scanned as invalid.  Then, when he got to the gate, the tickets scanned as invalid and he was not allowed to enter.  Either the tickets were stolen, or that season ticket holder was behind the scheme, but someone had reported the tickets lost/stolen and tickets were reprinted.  The reprint canceled the barcodes on the student’s tickets.  The Craig’s List person has since changed their phone number.  Please remember this story if you are purchasing tickets on the secondary market.  You do it at your own risk!

THE SAME THING APPLIES FOR CONSIGNMENT TICKETS!  If you purchase tickets directly from a promoter, student group, or outlet other than the UC Davis Ticket Office or, you are purchasing at your own risk!  In event of a canceled show/event you must get a refund through wherever you bought the tickets.  It is clearly safer to buy tickets through the Ticket Office, so please keep that in mind when purchasing tickets.